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ECCC delegation participated in a roundtable breakfast meeting with British parliamentarians ECCC delegation participated in a roundtable breakfast meeting with British parliamentarians

ECCC delegation participated in a roundtable breakfast meeting with British parliamentarians

COMPANY 2023-11-10

A delegation from the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC) visited London, England on November 8. The delegation was led by Chairman Mr. Yao Jide, and they met with British Conservative MP Adam Afriyie, Labor MP Mary Glindon, and UK Vape Association (UKVIA) Board Chairman John Dunne. The meeting was held to discuss the development and compliance operations of the e-cigarette industry and British policy on the same. The roundtable breakfast was insightful and delved into the e-cigarette industry in great detail.


(Chairman Yao Jide, British MPs Mary Glindon, Adam Afriyie,, and UKVIA Board Chairman John Dunne)

Adam Avlier said at the meeting that despite the differences between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party on policy issues, in the field of e-cigarettes, the two parties hold a consistent position and both recognize the harm reduction properties of e-cigarettes and actively support their developments in Britain. However, he emphasized that the e-cigarette industry must adhere to the principles of compliance and never allow marketing and promotional activities for minors, as well as products that have a strong appeal to minors. Adam said that if the e-cigarette industry ignores this principle, it will face serious consequences. He called for the further improvement of economic and trade relations between the UK and China through the good development of Chinese e-cigarette products in the British market and cooperation and dialogue between the Chinese and British e-cigarette industry associations.

(British Conservative MP Adam Afriyie speaking)

Chairman Yao Jide said at the breakfast meeting on behalf of the ECCC that he would like to thank the British parliamentarians and the chairman of UKVIA for their warm reception. The ECCC will continue to be committed to the healthy development of the e-cigarette industry. He emphasized that in China, the e-cigarette industry has achieved remarkable results under the normalized supervision of China's tobacco authorities and has embarked on a legal and standardized development path. ECCC will continue to actively regulate the behavior of its members, guide the e-cigarette industry to implement legal and compliant operations, and provide strong support for the healthy and prosperous development of the global e-cigarette industry. He also emphasized the bridging role of ECCC on the international stage to promote international cooperation and exchanges and promote the sustainable development of the e-cigarette industry.


(ECCC Chairman Yao Jide speaking)

This roundtable breakfast meeting provided a valuable opportunity for the development and cooperation of the e-cigarette industry in China and the UK. Both parties agreed to continue to strengthen exchanges, promote the sustainable development of the e-cigarette industry, and provide consumers with safer and healthier products.